kesh decides to die


on 09.06.2008

Nose Picking Onion

i was in a bus..
staring blankly at the window..
do you know the familiar feeling..
when you feel like someone is watching you?
i felt that feeling..
someone stares at my face..
it was odd..
because outside the window..
there is really nothing much..
but cars that swiftly passing by..
then i noticed..
the tiny little creature..
that stares at my face this whole time..
sa bintana ng bus..
he stared at me..
i stared back..
we stared at each other for as long as we could..
probably measuring each other’s strength..
waiting for each other to fall back..
nagkasawaan din kami ng titigan..
he walked away..
probably realizing i was way too powerful over him..
then another ipis went out from the corner of the mirror..
and another from the seat cover in front of me..
i thought..
this could be a very.. very.. yucky day..

well a lot of things happen while i’m on my way to work..
or on the way home..
this would also be the time when i realize i really don’t have much of a life..
and i certainly, like what people always advice, live life to the fullest..
do i really need to do that?

they could be very insensitive.
and irritating at the same time.
i was having this conference with men in skype..
college friends to be exact..
a friend suddenly says..
“tumaba ka.. ”
i’ve tried to shrug the topic off and just said
“ah oo..”
then he asked again
“hiyang ka sa trabaho mo?”
i was a little pissed but i just tried to answer the question..
“hiyang sa upo..”
then another friend said
“oo nga napansin ko nga..”
then he said
“ah kala ko malaki lang damit mo”
is this a flattering conversation or what..
well i certainly don’t really need a constant reminder..

no matter what oprah-type of people say..
“love your body”
and all these anti-anorexia drama..
you cant really help but get mad when people say
“tumaba ka?”
it’s like they are asking you..
“are you eating way over than the recommended dietary allowance?”
using two words..
or actually stating..
you, indeed, gained weight while waiting for you to verify you really gained weight..
“tumaba ka…?”
and i’m like “what weight do these people want me to have on???”
so irritating..
like a diaper..

(mga taong to.. nakikibasa lang ng blog nagrereklamo pa.. but yeah i’ll listen anyway..)
due to growing number of protests..
i cut my posts into a shorter version..
and i also have to minimize my font size..
and i also have to stop pleasing people..
Study Onion


4 responses to “stared.

  1. lassfanatic says:

    tumaba ka!
    hehe never ko yung nasabi sa iyo
    alam ko kasi taboo yun sa mga babae
    except kath.. hehe
    hmm loko talaga mga taga misys no?
    dont worry kampi tayo!
    (libre naman, bonus mo ah!)

  2. emo says:

    it’s a taboo..
    salamat nalang zai muntik mo na ulitin na mataba nga ko..
    bwisit ka!
    you little!
    jk jk

    pero seriously..
    for some unknown reason..
    your comments go straight to askimet spam comments..
    i mean..
    they are spam..
    but i didn’t think wp would recognize them easily..

  3. mumsky says:

    hahahaha..indi nmn kasi (*Taboo word here*) c keshy..
    Naging chubby lng sya..

    Yan ah pg chubby eh ibig sabihin (*TWH*) pro cute!!
    Hahahaha.. RoK oN kesh potato!!!

    Grabe.. na-miss ko na Skype.. =)

  4. emo says:

    naalala ko tuloy si chouji sa ep 62 ng naruto shippuuden..

    come back to skype mums..
    miss ka na ni papi zai..

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