kesh decides to die


on 23.07.2008

Overslept Onion

nanaginip ako..
namatay daw ako..
and the weird thing is..
this is not the first time i dreamt of dying..
and i always..
always feel that..
im still alive in my dreams..
even though i’m not..
ala “ghost”?
i see people around me..
living their lives without me..
i watch them being shocked by the news of my death..
and see them adjust their lives..
then gradually forget about me..

and one part of my dream..
was swimming with my friends..
five of us..
then nagskip yung scene..
it’s just me with one friend..
at the top of a ship..
then the ship shook..
(parang toungue twister.. hehe)
tapos naout of balance ako..
at natulak ko sya..
at nalaglag sya sa dagat..
Onion XD
i should’ve asked for help..
but i chose to be the savior..
Super Onion
nagpatihulog rin ako sa ship..
ang talino!
at kinuha sya..
at inakyat ulit..
(di ko maalala pano ko inakyat ang gilid ng barko..
e di ba walang hagdan yun.. hehe)
binitbit ko sya na parang..
life size figure na laruan..
tapos pagdating sa taas..
niyakap ko sya..
ang sweet ko..

there are plenty of dreams i have..
that im itching to remember..
pero this one..
i remember almost every detail..
i had to cut scenes here though..

i’m slightly marveled how the unconscious mind..
relates and interprets..
the facts of the conscious mind..
how dreams are formulated..
i could have researched this in wiki or google..
and answer the answers to myself..
but i chose to post this..
and leave all the questions..

Thinking Onion


2 responses to “unanswered.

  1. mums says:

    sabi nila kpag nagising ka sa isang drim ng between 12midnight at 6am early morning eh magkakatotoo yung drim mo at after ng 6am eh indi na daw..

    Halaka!!! so anung tym mo napanaginipan na tinamad ka ng huminga? =)

  2. emo says:

    mga 8am yun eh..
    next time kaya anong oras..
    baka magkatotoo..

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