kesh decides to die


on 07.10.2008

“it started out with a kiss..
how did it end up like this..
it was only a kiss..
it was only a kiss..”
i’ve got this song by the killers..
ringing in my head over and over again..
kind of reminds me of what it feels like to be betrayed..
ever felt that too?
ayos yun..

yesterday was my last day..
being a one-man team..
babalik na team lead ko yey!
je ar pasalubong!

and hopefully i’ll be having a day off..
(tunog inday hehe)..
this friday..
anong gagawin ko?
pipinturahan ko kwarto ko..

ang babaw..
wala lang..
well my room badly needs a makeover..
and i badly want a vacation..
one day lang naman..
sige na..

i watched chobits again..
and fell in love again..
i had a 4-dvd set before..
na hinalugad ko pa sa quiapo..
kaso ngayon sa sobrang gasgas..
hindi ko na mapanood..
meron nang *chuk! chuk!* sound..
you know that sound?
yung kapag sira na yung dvd or vcd..
tapos play mo meron nang sharp sounds..
twing magskip ng scene..
na masakit sa tenga..
salamat sa torrent at sa seeders..
another piracy..
50% nako sa almost 5GB-file series..
i’ll watch it again and again..
i share another music..
full chobits soundtrack..
ang tagal ko tong hinanap ah..
[click here to download]

i got few funny emails..
from an indian yahoo group..
who keeps on spamming my mails..
with pictures of i don’t know..
indian celebrities perhaps..
(indians.. arabs.. they all look the same to me..)
and at least with some funny whatnot mails..
(the source behind my spamming..)
here are some..

the reason why..
you dont let mother in law’s to design ur wedding invitations..

and the three types of men..

Has one Wife
Has one girlfriend
But he loves his wife the most. 

Has one wife
Has one girlfriend
But he loves his girlfriend the most.

Has 4 Wives
Has 4 Girlfriends
But he loves his housemaid the most.


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