kesh decides to die


on 09.10.2008

caught myself smiling alone more than once..
for almost half day na..
creepy me..
at ang hirap pa pag nahuhuli mo sarili mo..
na nagssmile magisa..
mapapatawa ka..
at pipigilan mo..
tapos lalo ka magmumukhang creepy..
sa mga katabi mo..

one significant event for the day is..
i stepped on a poop..
parang ang tagal ko nang hindi nakaapak ng tae..
nainis pa ko sa driver ng fx kasi kala ko sya yung amoy tae..
i mean yung fx nya..
sapatos ko pala..
so while walking my way to our building..
i tried to step on watery parts of pavements..
ang baboy am..
early in the morning i had to make..
sundot sundot to my shoes..
using a chopstick..
to get out the snuck poop from my shoe..
so kadiri!
and so arte me..

since i don’t have much tasks today..
i surfed one of my favorite sites..
(it’s on the blogroll..
under online magazine category..)
i came across these weird jap products..

number 1..
the “i love you” mouse..
when nobody says “i love you” to you..
you can run to this mouse..
click the wheel..
and it will say “i love you”..
ayos di ba..
recommended for psycho and freaks..
the love-deprived ones more specifically..
or pwede rin sa mga nagpopropose..

boy: “meron akong gusto sabihin sayo..”
girl: “ano yon?” *twinkles eyes*
boy: *plugs the mouse* “click mo yung wheel”
girl: *clicks the wheel*
mouse: “i love you”
girl: “wow! ako rin me sasabihin sayo..”
boy: “ano yon?”
girl: “click mo yung wheel..”
boy: *clicks the wheel*
mouse: “i love you”
boy: “awwwww..”

and guess what’s the shape of the mouse..
it’s heart-shaped of course!
ya ninny!

next is the wooden animal usb drive..
classic looking plastic and shiny usb drives are sooo 3 years ago..

i remember how thumb drives used to be so expensive before..

boy1: “nakakainis nadikit sa phone ko ung diskette.. hindi na tuloy maread.. me extra ka ba jan tol?”
boy2: “wala na.. makisave ka nalang dito sa diskette ko me free 312kB pa..”
boy3: “di na uso yan mga bro.. eto na uso..” *shows off usb drive*
boy1: “ano yan..”
boy3: “usb thumb drive.. with 32MB capacity mga pare..”
boy2: “whoa! parang halos 30 diskettes na katumbas!”
boy1 & boy2: “awesome!”

and a product i think would be very useful..
usb powered laptop fan stand..
keeping both your lap and your laptop cool..

and last but not the least..
the charger bracelet..
charges psp.. ds lite.. and cellphones..
looks weird to me..

i’ve been blogging since first year college..
i had a xanga blog..
and now wordpress..
and blogger din..
ilang blog na nga ba ang aking ginawa binura ginawa binura..
madami dami na rin..
and here are some few lessons or rules or tips whatever you may call it..
i’ve learned over the past seven years of blogging..

blog responsibly.

remember yung blog nung isang guy about how this..
rich gay pinoy who stole money from him..
umabot pa ng tv patrol yun di ba..
just because of a blog entry..
it became a newsmaker..
unless your blog is a per-hit-dollar-earner..
or adik ka sa blog hits..
or papansin ka lang talaga..
don’t post something scandalous or controversial or libelous..

second. sa mga taong todo ad ng blog url nila..
don’t blog about stuff you don’t want to talk about.

specially if you made it publicly available..
naman naman..
sabi nga “para ka nagalok ng kendi na hindi mo naman bibigay..”
create a separate blog for that..
nafufrustrate lang kaming mga readers..

and finally. readers.
they will always have something to say about your blog.

whether good or bad.. praise or disgust..
meron yan..
and they always think they have the right..
to judge and to criticize you..
sabi nga sa poster na nasa may bilihan ng mojos sa plm..
“opinion is like an asshole.. everyone has it..”
i think that’s the price of having a blog..
masanay ka na or else..
delete mo nalang blog mo..

the most significant fact for today is..
i won’t be coming to work tomorrow..
last day of work..
for this week..
see you next week!


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