kesh decides to die


on 13.10.2008

didn’t get enough rest this weekend..
i thought sunday evening will be rest time..
but then i had to go to my sister’s facial care blah..
and do some stuffu..
then slept 3am because of mtv unplugged..

so i had my room painted white..
creamy white..
i’d like to call it “the white room”
but its dusts totally disagree with it..
used to be two separate rooms..
but since most of my siblings are abroad..
momma and poppa had decided..
to remove the dividing wall/cabinets..
now i have ridiculously spacious room..
with ridiculously big oversized and un-utilized tv..
and ridiculously small bed..
my siblings look like squatter whenever they visit..
and because of the merging..
my room looked like a stock room..
so i had to paint it..
so now it still looks like a stock room..
but a little cleaner..

how old are you and how young do you feel?
22.. 17..

why do i have my imaginary age stuck at 17..
i don’t feel like maturing..
do stuffu what adults do..

are you baptized? if no, why?
no. u-huh.

people ask this question more and more frequently..
it’s a big responsibility i’m not ready to take on to..
give me time..
but if there’s no more time..
then i’ll die young..
what i remember most among all biblical lessons..
i’ve learned or heard..
was not to make promise you can’t keep..
it’s better not to make a promise than to make it then break it..
what bible text was that?
i can’t remember..

what’s your job and what made you decide to take that?
i’m an associate (baby hehe) software engineer..
i remember my final interview..
our director asked me same question..
why software engineering?
i had to look inside my heart to know the answer..
and it was..
“because although it requires hard work
(lahat naman ata requiring ng hard work.. wrong answer!)
it’s the job i know i’ll enjoy the most..”
i don’t know if that’s a winning answer or not..
but i got hired..
so who cares?

what song best reflects your feelings right now?
if this paragraph would have it’s background song..
it’d be superstar by sonic youth..
a little melancholic intro..
but my answer for the question is..
tequila by the pretenders..
“i drink tequila..
coz i can’t have your lips tonight..”

tama na pagiingles..
had my lunch at kfc..
i love it when i eat at kfc..
though dacar kfc jollijip or whatever fastfood/resto foods..
have all the same body products..
poop.. energy.. and trans fat..
sabi nang tama nang ingles eh!

i signed up for hilera yahoogroups last month..
or last last month..
then few days later..
someone named chris padilla added me..
sa ym..
kala ko stalker..
then later i found out..
he was the lead vocalist of the band hilera..
stupid me..
tapos kinausap ko sya sa ym..
“uhm chris regarding your question sa group..”
feeling close..
but he was very nice..
at humble!
kelan kaya ko aadd ni mariah sa ym nya..


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