kesh decides to die


on 28.10.2008

this was supposed to be posted last week..
but i had too many stuffu to do..
better late than later..

parang two brain cells lang ang gumagana sakin ngayon..
the yes and no brain cells..

kesh masama ba pakiramdam mo? yes.
kesh gusto mo ba pumasok sa work? no.

mae: kesh musta
me: eto me soar throat..
mae: soar???
me: uu.. parang butterfly..

bakit pag me sakit ka..
mabigat ang pakiramdam?

first time ko nakatulog sa office today..
mga ten minutes lang naman..
buti no droolings..
or snorings..
maybe i’m really that exhausted..

even though i’m a little under the weather today..
i feel light inside..
it’s either i got injected with pure oxygen or..
i’m on drugs or..
i’m badly sick or..
i found the one i’m gonna spend the rest of my life with..
kidding aside..
i really feel good inside..
i need to confide..
because i cannot hide..
you are on my mind..
and my love ain’t blind..
wala lang feel ko lang magrhyme..
parang si 8-tails sa naruto..

i like the band stars..
and their your ex-lover is dead..
and your ex-lover remains dead songs..
with a little explicit lyrics..
but i like the weirdness..
[click here to hear the weirdness..]

while registering for an online jap language tutorial site..
i caught a little google chrome fail moment..

insecure talaga..
parang diva..
di ba dapat unsecure?
o ako ang nafail?

friends plan to go to baguio..
but i really want to go to beach..
el nido..
water feels better than fog..
ano daw?
gusto ko magswimming!
and listen to jason mraz’s i’m yours song..
while imagining you playing the guitar..
i dance macarena..

biglang nagpop ang isang college classmate..
hindi kami super close kaya nagtaka ko..
at ang nakakapagtaka pa..
ang bungad nya..
ang tanong na “gago kba”
hindi ko alam kung ikaw to..
kung hindi man ikaw to..
nahahack ang ym mo..

so what some of you might have seen..
i’ve got a new blog..
bagong blog na naman???
bago na naman..
but this time..
it’s hosted not from
but from a free web host..
fully customizable na xa..
no restrictions..
pwede nang me cbox..
and the like..
and i’ll probably embed some music..
instead of a download link..
para no stress..
pero probably..
i’m not going to use it..
pagrelease na siguro ng wordpress 2.7..
or around december..
or early next year..
trying not to rush things here..
i’ll also try to share the stuffu i learned..
[click here to see the site preview..]

for this month..
this would be my last post..
i’ve got a C#-SQL to-do project..
i’ll try to work on that first..
para sa kapatid ko..
more than a year overdue..
mamimiss mo ba to?
you can always check the main page of my blog..
coz other pages gets more updates than the blog..
per se..
so don’t rely on the feed ya sissy!
so there..
see you next month!
ja ne!


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