kesh decides to die


on 13.11.2008

Poop Onion

meron akong aaminin..
me fire drill ng 2pm..
at tumakas ako..
habulin nyo ko!
Running Onion

natapos ko na rin..
ang first two books sa twilight series..
while reading the first one..
my rating went over the ceiling rate..
nakakahook sa simula..
and edward was captivating..
(like i wished a very handsome vampire would suddenly be inside my room..
but i shrugged the idea off as soon as i realized it’s too dangerous..
actually even before the ending..
i was really hooked..
i stayed up late just to finish it..
pero nung nararamdaman kong pa-ending na..
i was like..
Speechless Onion
“yun lang yon?
there’s just something about story’s ending..
that i expect so much on..
kasi i think that’ll leave..
my greatest impression about the novel..
and there are quite few ones..
which gave me “a good story, a nice twist and a nice ending” impression..
hard to please, eh?
the book was good..
but good for girls lang..
i don’t think boys wouldn’t appreciate the feeling the book imparts..
unless they’re gay..
and i think the movie adaptation..
will find it a little hard to materialize..
yung kilig ng nasa book..
“butterflies in the stomach..”
how would you materialize that in such a way..
it will be noticed..
but it won’t look too scripted..
and the girl wouldn’t look over-acting..
and the audience would almost feel the feeling..
sabi rin sa book..
inhuman daw yung kagwapuhan ni edward..
sa film human naman..
and if philippines will do an adaptation of the novel too..
i think richard gutierrez would best fit edward..
because he already has that vampire impression to me..
and no..
bella shouldn’t be kc concepcion..
imagine someone pale..
someone like charice pempengko..
i can’t think of anyone..
who fits bella’s role..
parang ako lang..

and so i had my first annual physical exam last monday..
halos matrauma ko sa pagkuha ng stool sample..
parang 90% ng energy ko nawala..
kakapilit ng isang bagay na hindi pa nakatakda..
it was pain in the ass..
and figuratively..
i saw it coming..
ewan ko ba bakit hindi ko ginawa..
lesson learned..
magdala na agad..
coz there’s no place like home..

nakabili narin ako finally ng earphone..
nginatngat kasi ng daga earphone ko..
music lover na daga..
hindi ko na nga pinapatay..
mag-ngangatngat pa..
at sa dami pa ng ngangatngatin..
ipod earphone pa talaga..
pero buti na earphone kesa ipod radio remote..
or my laptop’s wire adapter..
that’s the brighter side..
that’s why i can’t buy expensive earphones coz..
una.. baka ngatngatin lang uli.. (i don’t have plan killing the rat.. ew duh..)
pangalawa.. madali ako makasira ng earphones..
i break at least two earphones every year..
(anong klaseng tenga meron ako??
parang yung ano sa the teeth??
no no no!
don’t dwell on the thought!!!)
so if i am to buy like a 5000 to 13000Php worth of earphones..
para na rin ako nagtapon ng daga..
the one i just bought looks pretty cheap..
which justify its price..
350 lang ata bili ko..
pero the sound..
i can hear the bass sound i don’t hear before..
it’s a whole new experience!
masarap na kumapa ng bass guitar gamit earphone ko..
it’s a lot better than my iPod’s earphone..
or my jvc headphone..
well in-ear kasi sya so that’s her advantage..
though the frequency range is only 20-20kHz..
the output watt is 100mW..
the one i was eying before has a range of 5-24kHz..
with output watt of 100mW..
but it was twice the price of my new earphones..
so ok na rin..
very nice..
isn’t it?

i watched quantum of solace..
gastos amp!
kung di lang ako nakapromise ke dog..
na sasamahan ko sya..
hindi ko na pinanuod uli..
but anyway i still enjoyed it..

m: is he dead?
bond: no.
m: i’m surprised.

Panda Onion


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