kesh decides to die


on 26.11.2008

at first sight.. i liked urbandub’s birth album cover..
but when i stared at it i realized it was a photo of an egg cell and sperm cells..
anu ba yan..
Mad Emoticon
Urbandub Birth Album Cover

i had another free full body massage last saturday night..
kapalit ng pagdesign ng flyers ng spa ng ate ko..
how easy was that!
ate eva mentioned i have peptic problems..
kumain daw ako ng gulay..
(i know! hehe)
she also said i should drink edmark’s shake off..
i took it once before so i knew what were the effects and side-effects..
it cleanses your intestines..
pero ang kapalit..
after 8 hours of first drink..
poop all day..
but after the relaxing massage..
i decided i’ll go for a healthier lifestyle..
even if it meant few sacrifices..
and took one before dozing off..
after few seconds..
anjan na “sya” bigla..
that was fast!
though i think it was a coincidence..
if you want a cheaper way to detoxify..
or want to have a self-inflicted diarrhea..
or just want to cleanse your intestine..
drink shake off..
warning: nakakasuka sya..
Vomitting Onion

finally nakadownload narin ako ng first album ng splender..
i had to make mano-mano google search..
kasi wala na nagsee-seed sa torrent..
tapos kulang kulang yung sa limewire..
Phbbbt YM
but now i’m happy i found it..
though i haven’t found the second album yet..
if you have the complete full copy..
be a lamb.. be a pirate.. be a good samaritan..
and give me a copy..
some of you might already have downloaded from my music page..
i’ve shared e-heads reunion concert album..
with correct ID3 tags..
sabi kasi ni daddy..
share your blessings!

i love love love adele’s make you feel my love..
i play the piano..
and hum this song for you..
you.. my unloved one..
i also like shontelle’s t-shirt song..
i sing this song for you..
winnie the pooh..
“with nothing but your t-shirt on..”
Laughing Onion

i had a bad dream the other night..
now i’m starting to believe i really have heart problems..
literally.. and perhaps figuratively too..
i’ve got few extra time..
kukwento ko!
there was this orphan kid..
around 5 years old..
meron syang foster father who was just brutally killed..
the kid was furious..
Mad Onion
very furious..
Mad Onion
about his foster father’s death..
and wanted to have revenge..
Onion Eyes
niyaya nya kalaro nya na maglaro..
with the intent of killing him..
parang ganito yung facial expression nya..
Onion Scheme
pero galit..
sabi nya: “laban tayo!”
kala ng kalaro nya, laro lang talaga gagawin nila..
he agreed enthusiastically..
tapos nung asa may ilog na sila..
the mad kid suddenly punched his playmate..
nalaglag sa ilog yung bata..
tapos di nakuntento yung kid..
sinundan nya..
he grabbed the poor kid by his shirt..
then started to drown him..
kala padin nung kalaro nya naglalaro sila..
sabi pa nya nung nakakalunok na sya ng tubig..
“holy cow!”
Panda Onion
i wonder why he said those specific words..
i was there with a friend..
sumenyas sakin yung kaibigan ko na sya kukuha dun sa nalulunod na kid..
tapos nakuha nya yung poor kid..
ako daw aawat dun sa nag-aamok na bata..
Stabbing Tuzki
i was about to hold the mad kid’s face..
nang bigla nya kinagat palad ko..
the skin peeled off!
Onion Shock
and the last scene of my dream was my ripped skin going deep deep under the river..
yung camera daw asa ilalim pa ng tubig ala max payne..
i remember every detail of this dream..
kasi pagkamulat ko right after the last scene..
naisip ko..
ibablog ko to!
how sick could my dreams get..
where’s my dreamcatcher?
tsk tsk
let’s pray..
Praying Onion

i’m a bad bad bad granddaughter..
i can’t remember my lolas’ names!
Wag Po Emoticon
on both mother and father sides!
what the!
Spanking Emoticon


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