kesh decides to die


on 01.12.2008

i’m gonna have a stupid brace..
and turn myself into late bloomer teenage dirtbag..

here’s one of few songs my sister composed way back 2000-something..
we recorded this track back in our studio in bahrain..
i mean our room..
tatlo kami tumutugtog..
mae on drums..
me on guitars (thanks khaled for the guitars!)..
and kuya vic on bass..
wala talaga title yung kanta..
but my nephew keith kept on singing the chorus line..
“you will come back.. and growing..”
instead of “you will come back.. i know it..”
whatever the meaning is..
so i named it growing..
poor quality tho..
laptop lang kasi ginamit naming pangrecord..
trip trip lang..
but hey..
it is nice!
[click here to hear it..]


2 responses to “bloomed.

  1. antonsilver says:

    maganda po itong blog ninyo. binabasa ko ngayon. paki-link pwede ba ang aking blog? makakatulong na kayo, basahin nyo lang ang blog ko dahil gusto ko itong ipabasa sa lahat.

  2. kesh says:

    pure tagalog!

    well hello anton!
    kung papaano ka man napadpad dito sa blog ko..

    who knows?
    salamat sa pagbabasa..
    in exchange..
    i won’t remove your link..

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