kesh decides to die


on 04.12.2008

In Love Onion

Mad Onion
after sulking last saturday and getting frustrated last monday..
nairaos narin kita!
i was supposed to watch it last saturday..
but then i had to go home early coz my sister will leave the country the next day..
and do some stuffu..
then i had the opportunity to watch it last monday..
but then i was with my nephew keith..
and i want the film to be as general patronage as possible..
so we watched bolt instead..
and yesterday..
i was supposed to watch it with dog..
but then dog was sick and he had to leave office early..
more phbbbt!
thank ebr i didn’t have to ask some random officemate to watch the movie with me..
no need to wear the personality of the “ideal officemate”..
thanks ebr!
you’re such an adorable pet!
i mean friend!
Peace Onion
i was really attracted to james..
or cam gigandet..
it’s official..
he’s my #1 celebrity crush..
Cam Gigandet

ang gwapo nya no..
Eyes Onion
he has this young brad pitt impression to me..
today is my blog’s 4000-hits day!
Clapping SkypeClapping SkypeClapping Skype
salamat sa nagbabasa..
matuto magcomment..
and tomorrow will be finally!
the wordpress 2.7 day..
i’ve actually used it in my other web host hosted page..
let’s see if this one has something more..
and of course..
this will be my last post using WP2.6..
the geek stuff!


2 responses to “crushed.

  1. mums says: usual itutuloy ko ang tradisyon ng mga showbiz chxmaxers..keshy bading sya!!!! wahahahahaha 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. kesh says:

    oi mums hinde!
    bat nga pala hindi piolo name mo ngayon?

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