kesh decides to die


on 07.12.2008

Overweight Onion

ang sakit ng katawan ko..
Crying Onion

ang mura na ngayon ng gasolina..
parang a month ago..
almost 70Php pa sya..
ngayon less than 38Php nalang..
ang sarap magroad trip!
Onion Eyes
let’s sing..

if i had a car..
even just for a day..
i’d roll out to el nido tomorrow morning..
and forget another poring working..
and go..
(in tune of if i were a boy..)

and so even though i was remote a while ago..
i still got to hear manny’s game..
and knew he won at around 12noon?
salamat sa 97.1LS FM..
parang karera yung pinapakinggan ko..

“dela hoya jabbed twice..
tumama sa depensa ni pacquiao..
manny made a left hook..
dela hoya is trying to make a left blow..
nakaiwas agad si manny!
dela hoya is trying to land a punch..
napakabilis talaga nitong si manny pacquiao!
cornered na si dela hoya!
apat na sunod sunod na suntok ang binigay ni manny!”

tapos biglang..

“round nine..
sumuko na si dela hoya..
nakatayo na si manny sa tali ng ring..
nakataas ang kamay!
mga kaibigan..
manny pacquiao won!!!”
Running Onion

but i enjoyed it..
ang galing talaga ni manny..
kaso there’s no title fighting for..
so the fight has the “for the fame/for the money” impression..

and inasmuch as i try to avoid spending too much on unnecessary things..
i can’t help but pamper myself..
Flowers Onion
kahit nananaba ako these days..
Laughing Onion
we went last night to a venue..
sale ang philips..
up to 50-70% off..
my sister and her husband bought a two LCD screen and player package for their car..
around 19k sya..
pero nabili nila mga 7.9kPhp something..
mura di ba?
i bought another earphone..
almost 1.9k sya pero 1.3k nalang..
not bad..
600 rin yun..
and it is nice..
frequency range of 6-23.5kHz..
102dB sensitivity..
neckstrap type..
and in-ear..
nice bass sounds too!
i just can’t get enough of it!

High Onion

i don’t celebrate christmas..
but at this moment..
i really wish it’s december 25..
i want a happy happy happy vacation!
Tea OnionCool OnionBebat OnionRelax Onion


One response to “pored.

  1. mums says:

    merry krismas!!!!!

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