kesh decides to die


on 28.12.2008

 Volcano Poop Onion

it’s four days away from 2009..
and i’ve had five post for this month..
i don’t want to end the month up with 6 posts..
coz 6 is not a happy number..
so i’ll squeeze in this post.

so what’s the story..
it’s been almost two years since my dog rusty died..
(hindi parin makaget over eh no?)
it was december 31, 2006..
bababa na sana ako para maglinis sa katawan nang niyaya ko sya..
“rusty! tara! baba tayo!”
she’s unusually weak..
Speechless Onion
nilapitan ko sya at nagulat!
Onion Shock
namumutla sya at parang walang nang dugo..
tapos umiyak na ko ng umiyak..
then the rest of the story is a vague bitter resentful and painful scene..
at hanggang ngayon..
hindi parin nabibigyan ng hustisya ang pagkamatay nya..
natamaan sya ng ligaw na bala..
at namatay sa severe loss of blood..
we don’t know if she was shot intentionally..
she’s not into mafia..
or yakuza..
or gangs..
or clubs..
she never had enemies..
oh! except sexy..
yung aso ng kapitbahay namin..
inggit sa kanya coz well..
she’s one hot bitch..
i mean madaming aso nanliligaw sa kanya..
or madaming asong umiihi sa harap ng bahay namin..
mga bwiset!
pag dumadaan sya nagsisilingunan sila..
(yung mga aso..)
pero ke hotdog lang sya bumigay..
hotdog nga ba talaga name nun..
ang aso ng kapitbahay namin na ang shonget shonget..
at ang dumi dumi tignan..
but yeah..
love is blind..
i mean lovers are blind..
so rusty had her first batch of puppies..
hindi ko na maalala mga pangalan nila..
even their faces..
all i remembered was that..
they were all cute.. cuddly.. and malangsa.. ew!
and one reason that made rusty more special..
is because she was the one who made me closer to my sister..
iyakan na to! LOL
hindi naman kasi kami uber close..
or that’s what i thought..
but thanks to rusty..
at sa nagbigay sa kanya..
(bogs! salamat! ^^,)
we became a little closer!
so two years later..
i still can’t get over..
(it seems i’m not good with getting over..)
and there would be no other dog than her..
*plays dionne warwick’s i’ll never love this way again*

so this week passed with me..
and the tissues..
the runny nose..
and sinutabs..
the bad coughs..
and the jackets..
and the sudden chest pains..
and the water therapy..
hope to feel better in the next few days..
Sick Onion


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