kesh decides to die


on 18.01.2009


i missed blogging last week..
i guess i was too busy with my ninja blog..
wala naman masyado kwenta..
just crazy news across the globe..
news like eeyore scandal?
i have dental braces now..
para akong anak ni frankenstein at ni betty la fea na pinaglihi sa bungal..
magastos.. masaket.. at 99999999% hassle!
tho it’s not as brutally painful as i had imagined..
what to do?
Smile Onion

i’m excited!
kelan kaya darating yung package?
i bought an onion-kun head plushes set..
for a whoooping Php2800++!!!
i never knew i can waste money over abo..

*sings* use me as you will.. pull my strings just for a thrill..

now i’m starting to believe onion-kun hypnotizes people..
Onion Hypnotize
and soon the earth will be ruled by onion-sama!
Laughing Onion

i didn’t know he had commercials..
here are his two videos..

and one new cute character..
meet egg..


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