kesh decides to die


on 25.01.2009

Onion Panic

two posts so far for this month..
if it wasn’t for my friend’s post..
i wouldn’t be inspired to write something..
[you call this something?
and you call that post inspiration???
and did you just say “friend”???]
i signed up to this linkbucks thing..
where you earn $$$ when people click your links.. [dollars! not isaw!]
[try it here..]
and so far..
i earned $0.01..
kamusta naman..
it was at the end of the day that i realized..
WTF i’m doing..
oh i made new safe cyber friends at least..

this coming saturday..
i’ll meet up with my high school friends..
ilang beses ko na ba silang iniwasan at i-nindian..
tho it still feels good talking to them..
ganun parin kabangenge..
ganun parin kakulit..
ganun parin yung tawa..
same old messy friends..
same old messy life..
tho at some point in our conversation..
i can’t believe ybeth accused me of lying about not having a lovelife..
mukha ba kong.. sinungaling?
now i’m confused if she knows me too much..
or she doesn’t know me at all anymore..
[wait till i have one bits! Panda Onion]
i’ll just shrug it of..
hmm! hmm!

speaking of bits..
i heard a lot of people are now using that..
a little credit here for the pasimunoer!
Onion XD

my momma had a knee operation..
[get well soon ma!]
somehow i’m a little thankful i’m not there to see her casted..
and get operated..
i know it’ll break my heart..
si mama na sandigan naming lahat..
si mama na certified kapamilya..
at adik sa TFC..
[see you soon ma!]

in less than few hours..
i’ll have my laptop formatted..
coz internet is ridiculously slow..
tumawag ako sa pldt mydsl sa sobrang badtrip..

kesh: “bakit napuputol internet namin every after 2 minutes? tapos mas madalas pang putol kesa connected.”
tech guy: “asa harap nyo po ba mam yung computer?”
kesh: “wala.. asa taas.. sabihin mo lang sakin yung reason bakit napuputol internet ko..”
tech guy: “kelangan po kasi mam yung computer para makita natin ano mangyayari..”
kesh: “sabihin mo lang sakin yung reason at bakit sya napuputol!”
tech guy: “me static po ba telepono nyo?”
kesh: “meron.. onte..”
tech guy: “baka po dahil sa static kaya napuputol..”
kesh: “pero bakit before me static naman pero mabilis parin?”
tech guy: “e factor po kasi yun mam..”
kesh: “e pano nga nangyari na dati mastatic nga pero mabilis parin yung internet?”
tech guy: “e factor parin po yun mam..”
kesh: “kaya nga pero bakit dati hindi ganun?”
tech guy: “e factor parin po yun mam..”

is he even listening?
anyway i’ll reformat my laptop baka sakaling asa laptop ko yung problema.. [i doubt that!]
tinawagan ko yung pldt phone para paayos yung static ng telepono namin..
after 1 day tumawag tinanong kung ok na..
e di pa nga sila pumupunta para ayusin..
eto namang pamangkin ko sinabing OK na kahit hindi pa..

i remember the moment i realized..
that life..
most of the time..
only gives us one shot..
so you got to make the best out of each shot..
coz not everybody gets second chance..
hai hai..
what’s up with my sunday evening..
LSS ko ang making love out of nothing at all ng air supply..
the thought of having it as an LSS made my night..

but i’m never gonna make it without you..
do you really want to see me crawl..
and i’m never gonna make it like you do..
making love out of nothing at all..
back up: making love!

sing with me!



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