kesh decides to die


on 05.02.2009

blogging has its own expense..

justine: ang ikli ng sinulat mo ngayon..
kesh: wala ako maisip eh..
justine: what? asana ang creative juice mo?
kesh: juice?
kesh: JUICE???!

happy february sa lahat!
naniniwala ba kayo na ito ang pinaka-malanding month sa lahat?
excuse me wordings..
dumodoble ang kita ng mga nagbebenta sa dangwa..
at dumodoble rin ang revenue ng mga hershey’s at toblerone..
pati narin ng mga hotels..
and one benefit you have if you’re single..
is not having anyone to spend your money for..
and somewhat a good excuse to pamper yourself..
tra la la la la
i.. on the other hand..
will have a date!
dental brace adjustment on feb 14!
<insert horror film score here>

while surfing the net..
i found the list of top 50 most popular twitter celebrities..
[click here to view the list..]
[click here to view another list..]
i’ve followed some of them..
i was a little shocked when paulo coelho sent a direct message to me..
and followed me..
kesh to paulo: “i can’t believe i’m talking to you right now!”

nakuha ko na ang aking onion plush!
introduce yourselves!
dizzy onion as dizzy onion

eyes onion as eyes onion

tantrums onion as tantrums onion

blush onion as busog onion

high onion as high onion

wafu onion as Wafu Onion

tea onion as tea onion

eyes onion as Onion Eyes

and their class picture..

tea oniondizzy onioneyes onionbusog onion
tantrums onionhigh onionOnion EyesWafu Onion

onion plushes

kawaii neh?
actually mas maganda yan kung me kapartner na kocheng ganito..
onion car
hahaha it’s tuzki versus onion-kun!
[thanks alsie for the pic!]

nakuha ko na pala ang sss id ko!
salamat ke tita F..
and to the rest..
as usual..
nakasimangot ako sa pic..
at malaki at mataba ang mukha ko..
but why?
Speechless Onion

what really made me laugh today..
is nicole scherzinger’s photo..
at saan nakahawak isa nyang kamay?
parang naiihi sa takot..
or what..

if your life were to be made a film..
sino pipiliin mong bida?
i’ll choose maja salvador!
they just have to make her hair dry and broom-like..
slightly curly..
with dark eyebags..
and make her look wasted..
tapos opening ng film would be sugar hiccup’s five years..
the opening scene would be in front of simbahan ng tondo..
waiting for an fx..
and the part when i fell in love..
(kung meron man talaga nyan..)
the background song would be tanaka rie’s i hear you everywhere..
and of course the part when it will all fall apart..
the background song would be brand new’s degausser medley-ed with the clientele’s make you mine..
and happy scenes would have 311’s love song and alvin and the chipmunks follow me now!
magandang movie ba?
or mala indie psycho film?
[click here to hear the tracks..]

read another funny expat message..
[thanks mae for the link!]

Date: Thursday, January 22, 2009
Category: Jobs Offered
Region: Bahrain
Description: Dear all i m a 19 boy and i m looking for a man below 30 who will give me 200 bd riyals. I will live with him for an year. and he will have total rights on me.any thing he will asked to me i will say yes. Only serious men can contact me. thanks waiting for good ones.Please help me and call me 36683371..

naalala ko tuloy classmate ko nung college [name not disclosed!]
inofferan daw sya ng arabo na suswelduhan daw sya..
basta kakasamahin lang nya..
Onion XD
what’s up with these people!
[click here to view the ad or if you want to hire this guy or if you want to apply too! hahaha]

another one funny tuzki..
what were you looking at?
Tuzki Boobs


2 responses to “plushed.

  1. ney says:

    pede humingi ng signed book kay paulo coelho? hehehe
    havent read any new books from him. tsk

  2. kesh says:

    he shares new chapters of his new book..
    “the winner stands alone”..
    sa twitter and sa site nya..

    hindi ko pa natry magpasign ng book tho..
    yaan mo pag nagpasign ako papaxerox kita..

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