kesh decides to die


on 14.03.2009

going home drunk and waking up with a twisting pain in the stomach is not as worse as _______________?

i’m not in the mood to post..
yet i’ll post again anyway..
this week..
i spend hours and hours with the mafia wars!
another nonsense but addictive facebook app..
dahil hindi na raw uso ang friendster [fs] ngayon..
facebook [fb] na..
nakakatawa sa game pag attack ka ng ibang mafia..
tapos matatalo kayo ng friends mo..
sasabihin kunyari “es took a bullet for you.”
and you’d be like “awwwww”..
similar to lolcat photo below..

four of my friends who were “in a relationship” status for years became instantly single..
eto ba ang moment ng paghihiwalay?
on-the-rocks nga jan!

and does being drunk an excuse to drunk text an ex?
half-soberly pressed cellphone keys long enough to compose readable sentences and confess the aching madness..
and when i press send..
Crying Onion
wala akong load!
[insert summer song by silent sanctuary here..]
happy march sa lahat!


One response to “desponded.

  1. mums says:

    asteg yung muning..sana m-mit ko sya in person

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