kesh decides to die


on 04.08.2009


effortlessly cute..
Eyes Onion
would you consider me crazy if i ask for someone like him?

i missed my blog!
i skipped blogging again last month..
it’s hard to write or type and think when you try not to remember any feeling at all..
Onion XD
you feelin’ me?
and the whole month of july i was all sick and weary..
but why?
diabetes again?
taking its toll?
spare me!
spare my ribs!
Crying Tuzki

but then august is here to save me..
as expected!
Happy Tuzki
tho august started with cory aquino’s death..
Sad Onion
i didn’t realize how influential she was..
i felt sadness in my heart..
as in!
di naman kami close..
now it’s a horrible thought imagining if i had to go through the same thing kris went through..
i remember reading an article where kris said..
“It’s so hard to see your mother cry and to know that you can do nothing.”
buti nalang healthy sila mama..
mas healthy pa nga yata sila sakin..
Onion XD
take time to thank God for your family and your health and your family’s health..

listening to rivermaya’s bring me down after such a long time made me realize two things..
i really really really prefer bamboo’s voice over rico blanco’s..
and second..
halimaw talaga magcompose si rico blanco..
he’s a genius!
i put him in line with ely buendia!

tho i skipped blogging last month..
salamat padin sa mga tumatangkilik..
at nagbabasa..
lagi paring me hits..
Onion XD
ano napapala nyo dito?
thanks for staying with me..
through thick and thin..
through happiness and depression..
through all out and suppression..
now hold my hand..
and close our eyes..
for once again..
i feel..
Harp Onion


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