kesh decides to die


on 07.08.2009

ninja lolcat

last night i discovered a new talent!
me talent pala talaga ko manginis!
Onion XD
sorry dear friend..
i was just..
well i was trying to be friendly..
turns out to be disaster!
mind your own business phbbbt!

how’s the week going?
the other day was cory aquino’s funeral..
[if there’s one thing i really like about arroyo..
it’s the holidays she declared!]
tinigilan ko na panonood ng tv dahil naiiyak lang ako pag nanonood ako..
only cory has that power to make us like that..
di ba?
she’s like nationalism..
we all have to move on..

so i finally got this email from
naaalala nyo pa ba yun?
i blogged that before..
[read the entry here..]
and i was supposed to forget it..
pero naalala kong darating sya last week..
i even remembered what i typed in..
but then..
reading the words today hit me differently..
yun nalang ang nasabi ko..
did you write yourself too?
what would you tell your future self?

morning started with sermons from both mama and papa..
they were both “tsk” and “di ka kasi”..
while i was all Loner Onion..
but perhaps just what i needed..
they even forced me to eat breakfast at home which is a rare RARE raaarrree occassion..

i think..
i am destroying my health in such a way..
that i didn’t mean it..
i have to stop this crazy lifestyle..
but then..
this is easier..
you feelin’ me?

listening to my friends’ rant about their love-lives made me realize..
that love means..
having to choose other people’s happiness over yours..
sometimes we may want to pursue a feeling..
tho it may not be for the good of everybody..
it’s really not love..
it’s just a pleasure over the feeling of having something you really want..
it’s not love..
sabi nga..
love is not love until you give it..
and even God..
although He can be happy all by himself..
He chose to share it..
tho most of the time..
humans do something that really hurt Him..
but then He loved us so much that He’s willing to be sad..
just to make us happy..
so when you decided to give up your happiness..
just for other people’s happiness..
then that’s the only time you can say..
you have loved..
you get what i’m sayin’?
the way i said it was kind of vague..
but find the thought is there..
it has to be there!

this week passed with two of my friends giving out a treat..
they are so galante..
i wish i have the kaching kaching to treat them too..
but then i don’t..
so what to do?
vampire onion


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