kesh decides to die


on 12.08.2009

i wish i’ll meet a crazy person..
that would change my life just like that *snap*..
then we would fall in love..
oh wait i don’t want a crazy person..
let me rephrase that..
i wish i’ll meet a very spontaneous person..
who would change my life just like that *snap*..
who would take me to random places..
at random times..
teach me things i am not aware of..
show me the sights i am blind of..
then we would fall in love..
and marry at a random date..
at a random place..
shock our families with the decision we made..
then at the middle of the marriage..
we would recognize our differences..
we would still be madly inlove with each other..
yet we would also be mad and angry with each other..
we couldn’t let the day pass without seeing each other..
yet we couldn’t let it end without a fight..
we were too random to control..
we were too young to be matured..
then in the end we will succumb to the irreconcilable differences..
we would live our separate lives..
i live solitarily and miserably..
then i wouldn’t find any other love..
because i’ll always compare this one to the other one..
i’ll grow old alone..
i’ll tell my story to all the people i’ll meet..
i’ll tell them that i have fallen deeply in love once..
to a spontaneous person..
on a random place..
at a random time..
fate wouldn’t let me keep the randomness of the love we had..
and then i would die just like that *snap*..
oh wait..
i don’t want a spontaneous person pala..
i just want to make a movie..
an indie film perhaps?


One response to “filmed.

  1. mums says:

    be careful on what you wish!! nyahaha

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