kesh decides to die


on 04.11.2009

and tada~
i’m inspired to blog!

morning started with my morning fail..
*in lola techie tone*
bat ba kasi nauso yang tag tag na yan!
but it’s a reality..
it’s a comfort to see..
an ex looks far less gorgeous than the way he did..
and even tho 100x na syang suggested friend..
100 million common friends..
i refused to add him..
kasi mapride ako..
meron pa pala ko nun..
i guess pagdating sa lalaki..
mapride ako..
Panda Onion
now i disassociate my blog from my fb site..
at pati picasa..
nang matapos na..
ayoko nadadawit dawit sa mga issue nila..
Onion XD

how’s the life outside my life?
i guess i was too busy these days..
or rather i kept myself too busy these days..
you know?
i started my first driving lesson last.. last sunday..
Clapping SkypeClapping SkypeClapping Skype
mas tarantahin pa sakin yung nagturo sakin!
he was like..
“yung clutch mo! ibrake mo! ibrake mo!”
and i was like..
“kuya binreak mo!!!”
in the end..
after 3 hours of learning..
parang nasuka ko sa ginawa ko..
was fun tho!
marunong na ko magpaandar..
marunong narin ako magbangga..
konting practice pa..
12 learning hours to go..
Running Onion
sana pumasa ako sa driver’s license exam..
(mahiya naman ako kung hindi no? haha)
will be taking it this november 20..
lakasan lang ng loob..
Onion Eyes

in other news..
i watched This Is It a while ago..
tinatamad ako gumawa pa ng movie review..
just like after seeing a mariah carey concert makes you feel like singing..
watching michael jackson concert just makes you feel like dancing..
i have billie jean intro at the back of my mind habang niraramdam ang alikabok ng jeepney pauwi..
iba talaga talent sa hilig..
there are like 9 million musicians out there who plays music even without musical talent..
pero once you encounter someone who really has the talent..
it’s just not the same..
like meeting mariah carey.. (ehem)
michael jackson..
the beatles..
and local musicians like the eraserheads..
and rico blanco..
i bet working with perfectionist is just awesome..
and stressful too~
hearing someone with such raw music talent makes me feel small and insignificant..
as if i’m not really!

and while watching this is it..
i had BK’s mocha joe..
tight hug
last month ko lang sya natuklasan..
at ang weird kasi sa BK 2nd floor glorietta pwedeng upgrade to mocha joe frost yung drink ng meal..
pero sa 3rd floor ndi..
kala ko ba “no mocking of orders? no odd order ever?”

and out of random ridiculous yet almost brilliant thought..
i’m thinking of naming my next band “Band..Duh!”
our debut album “All..Bum”
and our debut single “Can’t Ah”
almost brilliant, isn’t?


One response to “tagged.

  1. paolyn says:

    keshy di ba ksma hanson dyan. hahahaha

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