kesh decides to die


on 09.11.2009

and bang bang i’m in love!
da :3da :3da :3
i guess it’s not that healthy reading a crush’s blog..
entry by entry..
word by word..
emotion by emotion..
little by little..
coz i end up liking him more and more..
i read too much!
i imagine too much!
~x( ym
tho it wouldn’t hurt having the future man of my life..
fall for me while reading my blog entries..
makatulog na nga!

but before that..
let me leave you with an onion poem..

onion poem

Pink petals passing 桃色の花びらが舞う
Scents above so high 香りが高まる
Painted porcelain perfection 完璧な着色で
Blossoms caress the sky  花の群れが空を包む

Swaying silent shroud ゆれる静けさに包まれ
Suitors strolling by お互いがすれ違う
Pink petals passing 桃色の花びらが舞う
Lover’s gentle sigh 恋人たちのやさしい吐息

Pastel hues falling 淡い色が落ちる
Slow fluttering grace ゆっくり羽ばたく優美
Pink petals passing 桃色の花びらが舞う
Lining streams in lace レースが裏で流れる

Pink petals passing 桃色の花びらが舞う
Smoothest transit by なめらかさが横切る
Soft essence floating 柔らかな香りが浮かぶ
In most subtle lullaby 精細な子守唄で

let’s fall in love again..
blushing ym


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