kesh decides to die


on 10.11.2009

i’m tired!
i’m tired!
i’m tired!
i’m tired!
tantrums onion
but i promised myself i’ll blog tonight..
so uunahin ko to bago ang aking mga labahin..
Onion XD

last night while trying to get by the traffic..
my friend mentioned that there’s already a law or something..
(ano ba tawag sa ganun? *scratches head* wala akong alam sa history haha)
na aabswelto sa isang husband or wife if in the event..
na mapatay nya ang asawa nya..
habang nahuli nyang nasa akto ng pangangaliwa..
ala temporary insanity.. (marami tayo nyan)
how true?
much like the twinkie defense? harvey milk?
i think it can be good in a sense na matatakot mangaliwa yung mga may asawa..
pero it can be bad too kasi it tolerates murder..
[wanna die?]
and i think one of the pillars of marriage is trust..
[kesh clings to the imaginary man of her life]
and not just .. you know.. fear..
we all have opinions..
and beliefs..
so yeah..
magkanya-kanya nalang tayo..
*sings* mechu on a springtime day.. [sad to belong mode on]

may ikukwento pa sana ako kaso magtu-12 na..
bukas nalang after ko maglaba..
goodnight world..
goodnight _____!
Dancing Tuzki


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