kesh decides to die


on 16.11.2009

didn’t know how lost i was until i found you..
Dancing Tuzki

bakit nga ba lagi nalang ako napipili maging member ng committee?
hindi ba nila alam na ayaw ko ng ganung stuff?
crying plurk

in news..
yesterday me and me family watched teh manny fight..
walang kwentang pldt watchpad..
forever buffering..
good thing i found a streaming site..
ok na sana kaso nung round 10 nagsimulang mag-lag..
pati yung nakikinood na nangungupahan samin naiirita..
:| ym
kelangang manaka-nakang irerefresh..
at bago mabuffer ang round 12..
i read tintin bersola’s tweet..

“referee stops d fight! Manny WINS!”

and momma was like Cheering Onion
at yun na nga..
cotto was just in surviving mode at around round 10?
and after the fight..
we always wait for quotable manny..
and this was his:

“You know sometimes you also have to be smart in the ring. I let Cotto hit me because I wanted to test his power. I was actually pretending it didn’t hurt but it really hurt, you know.”

it’s like vitwater you know?
such a funny guy!
he’s really a good boxer no?

and yesterday also was my last day of 15-hour actual driving lesson..
mejo B.I. yung trainer ko..
sabi nya magpractice daw ako after ng learning..
sabi ko wala ako kasamang me licensya..
sabi nya mas ok kung magisa ka lang..
kaya pag-uwi..
niyaya ko pamangkin ko at si rodababes..
nagdrive ako at pumunta kami sa moa..
Laughing Onion
hindi naman kami nahuli..
hindi rin naman kami nabangga..
i was happy to realize..
marunong na ko magpark..
Eyes Onion
i’m so proud of myself!

in other news..
i’ve been updating my twitter account for like every 10 seconds..
for my friends who have twitter..
ano pa nga ba?
follow meh!
twitter bird


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