kesh decides to die


on 18.11.2009

in my twitter news:

few seconds later..

believe me..
i tweet too much!

and while lurking at tumblr..
i saw these two berry nice photos..

it has this old america look..
but it’s teh vintage manila y’all..

ngaun ang sikip sikip na nya!
ang dumi dumi..
at puro sidewalk vendorz!
we want teh old manila back!

last saturday morning while cleaning teh car..
[puro teh ah!]
i can’t help but hear neighbor kids talking..

kid #1: ayos ah! nagpapakalalaki ka na!
kid #2: oo! t*ng i*a mo!
kid #1:

and a neighbor greeted another neighbor belated happy birthday..

neighbor #1: jaime, belated!
neighbor #2: gag* tapos na..
neighbor #1: kaya nga belated eh..
neighbor #2: t*ng i*a mo.
kesh: WTF!

buti nalang lumaki kaming hindi ginagawang comma ang mura..
tho i say things such as WTF (what the fact) and shayt and xet..
mabuti paring conservative tayo verbally hindi ba?

and yes..
i can’t end the post without saying tenkyo0o~ to all my friends who gave and pledged bears to me..

sana marami pa magbigay sakin..

at muli..


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