kesh decides to die


on 31.12.2009

bakit kaya lagi sumasakit batok ko?
i wonder if i’m high blood..
or low blood?
di ba iisa lang sintomas nila?

happy december everyone!

since tumblr came in the way..
i had less and less time to post on wordpress..
but we make time..
korz we will..
this is like teh homie!

Z! O! M! G!
kasalukuyan kong tinititigan ang aking transcript of records..
at impairness..
ang sarap nyang lamukusin.. itapon.. at sunugin sa floor..
first 3 lines..
ang grade..
pagbaba mo pa ng onte..
what the fact!
pati PE ko 2.75!

napakaloser ko talaga..

pero meron naman akong uno..
kaso isa lang..
field trips at seminars pa..
eh lahat naman uno dun..

but i’m thankful..
at least nairaos ang engineering ng hindi bumagsak..
pero sabi nga ni bits..
hindi sa grade masusukat ang galing ng isang tao..
eh saan?

so what up with the end of 2009?
ano nga ba nangyari..
well a lot of people died this 2009..

on january..
there was the recession..
lay-off drama..
i had braces last january too..
on february i went to shangri-la cebu..
went there 4am..
then left at 10pm..
on the same day..
crazy banana!
i also had my psp!

saw boyce avenue at sm the block whom i gladly ignored..
been very active with facebook and pet society..
also bought some onion plushies..
on march..
nothing much happened..
that cuervo incident..
on april..
i went to puerto galera..
first time..
i remember going home on sunday afternoon..
tapos same day..
me and my family headed straight to ilocos..
from south to north..
move it!
we also went to baguio..
tapos dumaan ng tarlac for some fishy fun at isdaan..
then on may..
i suffered the mid-life/quarter-life crisis..
on june..
i watched 1 litre of tears..
stupid tv series..
walang ibang ginawa kundi paiyakin ako..
*sings* da~ke~ kona~yuki~ neh~
june was also the time for A[H1N1] drama..
wala ako ni isang post nung july..
on august..
cory aquino died..
and papa died..
one of the darkest days of my life..

i still miss papa..
but then as i always say and always think..
it’s a comfort knowing he is at peace..
and next na gising nya..
paradise na..
lucky man!
this was also the time i speculated every month..
may sikat na mamamatay..
and every month..
meron ngang sikat na namamatay..
i think not..

nothing much happened..
nagleave ako ng more than 3 weeks sa trabaho..
and spent time wit my family..
happy times..
i also got promoted..

october came and so does ondoy and pepeng..
mejo malapit na sana kami abutin ng baha..
pero hindi kami inabot..
nagpanic buying din ako ng month na to..
on november..
was manny pacquiao’s victory over miguel cotto..
i also created a new blog in tumblr..
visit it!
kung mapapansin nyo..
i have a post for everyday..
and this december..
we went to batangas..
what else..
and what not..
wala na masyado..

so much for a year huh..
at bilang last post for the year..
we will now have..
the second annual banana awards..
for the banana award for the software application would be..
dun dun dun dun~


it saved me from the darkest i mean sleepiest moment of my office life!
bilang blocked parin kasi ang twitter samin..

and for the man of the year..
we give him to the only man of my life..

love you ‘Pa!
miss you soooooooooooooo much!

bye 2009..
i feel 2010 is gonna be way way better!
now keep your headz up!


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