kesh decides to die


on 26.05.2011

i think manila bay has one of the best sunsets in the world..
and i wish it has more “view” other than ships and cargo cranes..
like, you know..
but hehehe aside..
if you’re living in manila and and while reading the first lines you were like “weh?”
you should see it at around 5 to 6pm..
it has all these amazing colors that could make a n00b photographer’s shot look professional..
but the image above is not mine nor i don’t think it’s from a n00b..
[click teh pichur to view its original source..]
i’d definitely make tambay there one of these days..
i grew up in manila yet i don’t have any picture of rizal park..
ridiculous hindi ba?
so in manila..
there’s no need to go out of town just to see nice places..
it’s almost everywhere..


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