kesh decides to die

movie reviews

just plain one-sided movie reviews..
5 is the highest rating..

The Proposal
Starring Sandra Bullock, and Ryan reynolds
Kesh’s Rating: 5
Worth to watch: yes

Favorite Part: lola’s part.. “it’s like an easter egg hunt!” hahaha

another 5!
we all know they’ll end up together, right?
but it’s more than just the story that made it 5..
i liked the script..
i watched with friends and there were some (boys) who were hesitant to watch it..
tapos in the end sila yung tawa ng tawa..
very funny film..
we were laughing the whole time..
cool lola..
i want a lola like her!

10 things

10 Thing I Hate About You
Starring Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles, and Larisa Oleynik
Kesh’s Rating: 4.19
Worth to watch: yes

Favorite Part: the heath ledger number?

one classic film..
ang cute pa ni heath dito..

Monsters vs  Aliens
Starring Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogen and Hugh Laurie
Kesh’s Rating: 4.49
Worth to watch: yes

Favorite Part: when b.o.b. was teasing derek before the end of the film.. it was really funny!!! or could be the part where b.o.b. says to the alien robot: “welcome! we are here to destroy you!”
Kesh Awards: Best Script

my favorite monster would be b.o.b..
or bicarbonate ostylezene benzoate..
tunog gelatin!
i like his lines..
“i may not have a brain.. but i have an idea!”
“guess what.. i found another jell-o.. and she has 15 chunks of pineapple inside!”
cool gelatin he is!
i didn’t give it a rating of 5..
i think the story is too.. straight..
and mejo brutal sya for a child film..
remember when susan was stuck with a giant syringe..
she threw the syringe then it hit a man’s foot?
ang tagal naabsorb ng lalaki yung sakit sa paa nya..
i liked the part when the president of the united states..
communicated with the alien robot..
via keyboards!!!
what did he play?
crazy frog ba yun?

Seven Pounds
Starring Will Smith and Rosario Dawson
Kesh’s Rating: 5
Worth to watch: yes

Favorite Part: when emily and ezra met..

the intro of the film..
already has this will smith movie feeling..
meron na pala non?
80% of the total time watching the film..
you’d be all dumbfounded..
it will be all mystery what will smith is up to..
and what would be the whole point of the story..
i would’ve given it only 4.75..
pero dahil sa naiyak ako..
i’ll rate it a 5..
one lesson from the film would be..
kung magpapakamatay ka..
idonate mo mga body parts mo sa mga nangangailangan..
it’s all pointless..
the suicide thing..
but what to do..
if the one who’s saving you..
is actually the one who needs to be saved?

The Reader
Starring Kate Winslet, David Kross, and Ralph Fiennes
Kesh’s Rating: 4.99
Worth to watch: yes

Favorite Part: when kate was in prison.. when she first heard ralph fiennes’ voice from a tape..

Kesh Awards: Unique Love Story Award

bastos sya..
not recommended for kids..
nakakatouch sa story tho yung lagi sinesendan ni ralph si kate ng mga tapes..
and you can see how a kid innocently loves another person..
perslab nga naman..
ewan ko kung tanga lang talaga ako or …?
pero hindi ko nagrasp na german sila..
even tho the people shouted “Nazi!” sa pelikula..
even david kross who’s german in real life..
he didn’t have that german impression on me..
[baket? ano ba ang german impression sakin?]
but it was a nice film..
unique kasi namatay si kate winslet..
as for her bagging most of the best actress awards..
i don’t think her acting was 100% perfect..
there were parts na hindi sya parang matanda..
tho mga few seconds lang naman..
i believe marion cotillard’s performance on la vie en rose film is still one tough act to beat!

Starring Malin Åkerman, Billy Crudup, and Matthew Goode
Kesh’s Rating: 3.10
Worth to watch again: not really..

Favorite Part: the opening part..

this sux..
it was a candidate for a rating of 5..
but plunged big time..
the opening part was good..
tapos gradually..
it became more boring and boring..
i believe there were a lot of unnecessary too long scenes..
mga doo bee doo scenes which doesn’t really have much of a point..
[ok i get it sila na.. next! ok may nangyari ulet.. next! haha]
i don’t get if the film wants to give an impression of serious superhero type..
or comedy superhero type..
or twisted superhero type..
or dramatic superhero type..
kasi overall makita mo yun lahat na hindi mo na tuloy alam which of them the comic tried to imposed..
it’s too diverse to grasp the impression on a 162 minute film..
it could’ve been a good..
mali lang siguro yung cinematography..
and the soundtrack!
it could’ve been the worst soundtrack if it wasn’t for my chemical romance’s desolation row..
wrong pick of 80’s songs..

Maximo Oliveros

Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros
Starring Nathan Lopez and JR Valentin
Kesh’s Rating: 4.40
Worth to watch again: yes..

Favorite Part: Ang nakaw na halik ni maximo oliveros. hahaha

ako na lumaki sa tondo at malapit sa pier at divisoria na lungga ng mga magnanakaw at snatcher at holdaper..
paanong hindi ako makakarelate sa pelikulang ito?
in this film marealize mo talaga..
sa mga pinoy..
napakahalaga talaga ng pamilya..
this was a candidate for a rating of 5..
pero there were parts na korni..
at mejo kulang acting ng mga extra..
i was expecting it to be somewhat like slumdog millionaire..
well actually mejo hawig din sila pero..
me mali sa screenplay..
[LOL feeling expert..]
but it was a nice film..
at ang gwapo ni jr valentin..
extra si pepe smith..
the film score was almost a monotone..
cool tho..
and as usual..
it’s pinoy style happy ending!
mas ok sana kung mejo mas naging complicated pa ung story..
pero sige na nga!
tapos na eh!
Onion XD

You Changed My Life
Starring John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo
Kesh’s Rating: 4.91
Worth to watch again: yes!

Favorite Part: power hug! power kiss! then john lloyd became “powerful” robot! hahaha

Kesh Awards: Best Pinoy Sequel Award | Must-See Film Award | Best Pinoy Love Story Award

sarah to john lloyd: sana isa nalang akong letter V..
john lloyd: bakit?
sarah: para i’m always next to U..
manang to sarah: alamo feeling ko letter A ka..
sarah: bakit po?
manang: kasi you’re not meant to B..

the best si manang!
a very special love was a good film..
and being a pessimistic person on film sequels..
i expect you changed my life to fail..
but it didn’t..
mas “malaman” [uy! malaman!] etong part 2..
tho ang daming quote lines..
laspag na sa text yan..
good film tho..
ok yung pagdeliver ng lines..
ang kulit ni sarah..
at ang gwapo ni john lloyd kahit chubby..
if there will be part 3..
i’ll be there to watch it..
[on the other note.. i’ve decided to rate the movie one more chance a 5!]

Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist
Starring Michael Cera and Kat Dennings
Kesh’s Rating: 4.35
Worth to watch again: yes..

Favorite Part: the bubble gum from the dirty toilet.. ewwww!!!

is it me or the opening titles looks similar to juno’s?
well i think they are similar in a lot of ways..
one thing you will learn from this film?
wag magkokotse ng color yellow sa new york..
and i liked the soundtrack..

Yes Man
Starring Jim Carrey, Terrence Stamp, and Zooey Deschanel
Kesh’s Rating: 4.08
Worth to watch again: yep.. mejo korni at some point.. but hey!

Favorite Part: when the jumper guy sang the next verse of the jumper song.. haha

just the right movie for me at the moment..
while watching the film..
i thought of saying yes too at all opportunities..
i want to go at random places too..
and learn how to fly..
and learn how to speak korean japanese..
too many stuffu..
but this is a nice movie..
good for people who are on the verge of their lives..
doing a dead-end job..
and spend weekend nights watching movies on dvd’s..
oh wait!
that’s my life!
but minus the dead-end job of course..

Starring Sean Penn, James Franco, and Emile Hirsch
Kesh’s Rating: 4.51
Worth to watch again: yes

Favorite Part: when milk won against proposition 6..

the twinkie defense..
sinong pinagloloko nyo?
this film is about the life of harvey milk..
the first openly gay man to be elected on public stuffu of US..
he was assassinated by dan white..
at ang sabi ng lawyer ni dan white..
kaya daw napatay ni dan si milk..
is because of the fudgee bar?
i mean the twinkies?!
twinkies induces mood swings daw..
oh kamon!
ang politics talaga napakarumi..
james franco was so handsome..
minus the kissing scenes with sean penn..
and emile hirsch was unrecognizable..
ang layo ng hitsura nya from speed racer film..
but they all seemed convincingly gay..
this film is a no-no for kids..

A Love Story
Starring Aga Muhlach, Maricel Soriano and Angelica Panganiban
Kesh’s Rating: 4.99
Worth to watch again: yes

Favorite Part: when angelica confronted aga if he went to maricel’s house.. hmmm.. very realistic..

Kesh Awards: Sugoi Pinoy Love Story Award | Unique Love Story Award

i wasn’t into this film..
i even had a soft copy before but i ended up deleting and not watching it..
pero nung pinalabas sya sa channel 2?
was that channel 2?
this is one of the best pinoy films ever!
you can’t help but hate aga till the end of the film..
and felt pity for angelica’s pleading..
cool film!
tagalog films should be high quality like this!
i should’ve rated this 5..
but angelica’s acting can go better..
[arte! haha]

The Cure

The Cure
Starring Joseph Mazzello and Brad Renfro
Kesh’s Rating: 5
Worth to watch again: yes

Favorite Part: at dex’s funeral where erik left his worn out shoes to his coffin.. 😦

Kesh Awards: Best Story Award | Tearjerker Award

i’ve watched this twice before..
o thrice..
i think i was in elementry back then..
then i watched it again..
it can still make me cry..
touching film about kids’ friendship..

In Her Shoes
Starring Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette and Shirley Maclaine
Kesh’s Rating: 3.89
Worth to watch again: yes

Favorite Part: …

a little so-so film..
it was nice..
feel good..
but in the end..
you tend to forget the whole point of the story..

For The First Time
Starring KC Concepcion and Richard Gutierrez
Kesh’s Rating: 2.19
Worth to watch again: no! no! no!

Favorite Part: [i honestly can’t remember a nice scene..]

Kesh Awards: Worst Love Story Award | Worst Script Award | Worst Ending Award

this was a box office hit..

Budget: PHP 35 Million
Gross revenue: PHP 134 Million

box office di ba..
it was the first time talents from ABS-CBN and GMA allowed to be in the same movie..
and a lot of pinoys expected it to be like a sharon cuneta-gabby concepcion loveteam madness..
but the movie script sucked..
richard’s acting was like an amateur’s..
but kc’s acting sucked more..
[feeling ang galing ko umarte eh no!]
kinukusot nya mukha nya pag umiiyak..
and she’s struggling to roll her tears down..
there was a little chemistry..
but the rest are phbbbt trying hard pampakilig scenes..
mas kinilig pa ko ke candy pangilinan saka ke benjo..
tapos puro pa cleavage ni kc..
first time eh..
let’s see if “when i met you” will suck big time too..
or will give justice to their overrated and overkilled loveteam..

Slumdog Millionaire
Starring Dev Patel, Madhur Mittal and Frieda Pinto
Kesh’s Rating: 5
Worth to watch again: yes!

Favorite Part: it’s benjamin franklin! (in indian accent)

Kesh Awards: Best Cinematography Award | Best Writer Award | Best International Film | Best Screenplay | Must-See Film Award

this is one of the best indian films i’ve watched so far..
tho i think it’s the first one i’ve seen..
does the love guru count? no?
does power rangers spd indian version count? no?
then this would be the first then..
watching the film makes you realize that..
hindi lang pala tondo ang naghihirap..
the slum where jamal grew up..
meron din kami nyan dito!
very nice film..
i wouldn’t be very surprised why this film won over the curious case of benjamin button..
it’s very close to reality..
pampasira lang yung credits part..
bigla sila nagsayawan!!!
it was a serious film, for jamal’s sake!
pero sige i conside it not part of the movie and i forgive you..
i liked the part where young jamal jumped to a pool of poop..
just to have an autograph of amitabh bachchan..
nuff said..
watch and see it for yourself..

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett
Kesh’s Rating: 5
Worth to watch again: yes!

Favorite Part: scenes of mr. daws: “did i ever told you i was struck by lightning seven times?” hahaha

Kesh Awards: Quote Blockbuster Award | Cinematography Award

daisy: will you sleep with me?
benjamin: absolutely.

this is an almost 3-hour film..
it would get boring in few 2 to 3 seconds but the rest of the movie are all exciting..
you’d be like..
“what’s gonna happen next???”
and you’d be laughing too at “did i ever told you i was struck by lightning seven times?” scenes..
tho brad pitt’s acting is quite good in this film..
he didn’t bag the best actor award..
(maybe next time brad.. hehe)
he has this same aura or impression as in his movie meet joe black..
the makeups were also good..
ang galing ba!
mukhang bata talaga si brad pitt!
yung katabi ko sa sinehan na maglovers sabi.. <- eavesdropper!

bf: ang galing! pano nila napamukha si brad pitt na bata sya?
gf: edi ginaya sa picture nya nung bata sya..
…then silence.. resumed watching…

what i have against this film was..
hindi lumiit si brad pitt nung tumanda na sya..
di ba hindi naman sya pinanganak na malaki..
then why did he shrink back to baby size if it’s all “backwards”?
mahirap din kasi pamukhaing pabata ng pabata si brad pitt..
mejo nakakaiyak sya pero mas nakakaiyak parin yung p.s. i love you..
but the movie is all C.O.O.L. sugoi!
watch out for the scene where a child watch her balloon float away..
that was shiloh..
brad pitt and angelina jolie’s first biological child..

favorite line: You can be mad as a mad dog at the way things went; you can swear and curse the fates – but when it comes to the end, you have to let go.

Starring Patton Oswalt and Lou Romano (voices)
Kesh’s Rating: 5
Worth to watch again: yes!

Favorite Part: ego’s first bite of the ratatouille.. flash back talaga..

since one of my 2009 resolution is to learn how to cook..
i’ve decided to watch one overdue animated film about cooking..
i wasn’t surprised that it’s rated 2007’s best movie by most film critics..
imagine the writers and animators had to undergo cooking lesson just to have an idea how delicious foods look..
nice one..
and what really makes foreign animated films good..
is that they are into DETAILS..
i wonder how our very own animated film DAYO made it in film fest..

My Only Ü

My Only Ü
Starring Vhong Navarro and Toni Gonzaga
Kesh’s Rating: 2.21
Worth to watch again: not much.

Favorite Part: panga part.. hehe

one word to describe this film?
nakakatawa naman yung iba kaso phbbbbt!
and the tagalized version of adam sandler’s grow old with you?
kelan ba titigilan ng mga pinoy gumawa ng films na me kantahan at sayawan na hindi naman musical film?
tsk tsk
that’s sooo 80’s..

Starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
Kesh’s Rating: 4.25
Worth to watch again: yes..

Favorite Part: when bella was bitten by james.. haha

oooh i bet you were waiting for my review..
anyway i bet this will be a little longer than my other reviews..
while i was reading twilight before..
the movie trailer and promotional photos were already out..
so every now and then i look at their pictures and imagine how they were acting..
i imagined edward to have a low attractive voice..
robert pattinson’s voice was low..
but not that attractive..
and he smiles too frequently!
but his crooked teeth blends to his vampire impression..
sa book sobrang nakakakilig yung scenes na magkasama sila..
like i smile whenever they touch each other..
sa movie hindi ganun..
there were very few scenes na kikiligin ka..
but the scene when they first went out as lovers was nice..
(remember? the one when it was a little sunny and edward was wearing shades? hehe)
but actually i was more attracted to james..
i remember laughing hard on carlisle’s first scene..
grabe puti ng mukha!
talking about mena man!
though in the later scenes he was less paler..
or nasanay nalang ako..
i believe the film was a mixture of the first and a little of the second book..
and bella..
oh bella!
her face was exactly what i was expecting..
the booked described her as a “trouble-magnet”..
but in the film she was just a little clumsy..
and the way she and edward delivered the lines..
kung ako si stephenie mayer, i’d be very frustrated..
you could draw something more..
feeling ko naman kaya nila..
but then kung yun lang talaga..
what to do..
let’s just admit we expected too much on the film..
kasi ang daming die hard twilight fans na phbbbt and w00t!
so i gave this a 4.25..
mataas na yan!
the film was more of a “teen film” rather than a “vampire love story film”..
you get what i’m saying?
i’ll be waiting for the new moon..
can’t wait to see edward leave bella..
and bella live a life of depression..

Starring John Travolta and Miley Cyrus (voices)
Kesh’s Rating: 5
Worth to watch again: oh yes!

Favorite Part: the part when bolt was asking for food in front of RV then people always get awed then give him food but when mittens asked for one, they threw her a pan instead.. hahaha! racist!

i rated this 5 because of my dog!
bolt reminds me 100% of my cute cute cute rusty..
the movie has the same humor as in the bee movie..
and the animation was quite awesome!
i remember the first scene..
yung salamin sa shop..
i thought it was real..
way to go disney!
like what some reviews told..
you could be smiling or laughing the whole time your watching the film..
but you could easily forget it even just right after watching..
good good movie tho!
penny’s mother has mommy carol (juday ann santos’ mother) impression to me..
here’s my dog.. and here’s bolt..
tell me they look the same!

Just Friends

Just Friends
Starring Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart, and Anna Faris
Kesh’s Rating: 4.99
Worth to watch again: yes.

Favorite Part: the credits part where chris was singing all-4-one’s i swear..

thank torrent i’ve finally got the chance to watch this!
this is my big love.. the american style..
but much much better than my big love..
i want to rate it 5..
but there’s something wrong..
i enjoyed samantha james..
“hello joyce? joyce?”
really funny!
forgiveness.. is more than saying sorry..
and oh!
the song love from afar!
judy ann’s breath-singing technique!

August Rush
Starring Freddie Highmore, Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Robin Williams, and Terrence Howard
Kesh’s Rating: 4.42
Worth to watch again: yes.

Favorite Part: the guitar drifting fret-tapping part.. sugoi!

this film is for dorks..
for classical music lovers..
i enjoyed the music..
august looks like my nephew toto..
same eyes..
kaso the film was way way away from reality..
the ending..
and it would be really really really!!! awesome kung si august talaga naggigitara..
but i guess that would be next to impossible..
di ako sanay na bad boy si robin williams..
watching the film is like watching good will hunting and forrest gump..
on a musical side..
there were parts of the film where kaki king’s hands were used..
her fingers looked like a man’s..
nonetheless it was great..
imagine if august is not a cute child..
with no dreamy eyes..
no cute dimples..
what would be this film’s rating?

Quantum of Solace
Starring Daniel Craig, Mathieu Amalric, and Olga Kurylenko
Kesh’s Rating: 4.85
Worth to watch again: yes.

Favorite Part: the action scenes.. nakakapagod panoorin tho.. hehe

i watched this film even before seeing casino royale..
naintindihan ko naman kahit papano..
hiningal ako literally nung pinapanod ko sya..
full of action..
if i didn’t watch casino royale before giving a rating..
i would’ve rated this to 5..
4.98 the least..
but casino royale was way too cool..
compared to this..
i liked this opening song tho better than casino royale’s..
(like after watching the film..
inaral ko na agad guitars ng another way to die..
after the film intro i was expecting see james bond’s high tech gadgets or cars..
pero wala..
which is good..
this time with daniel as james bond..
it’s james bond + guns + brain..
perfect combo..
can’t wait for bond 23..
kaso matagal pa ata yun..

Casino Royale
Starring Daniel Craig, Eva Green, and Mads Mikkelsen
Kesh’s Rating: 5
Worth to watch again: yes.

Favorite Part: the last scene. very nice.

i didn’t watch this film before..
because i didn’t really like daniel craig as james bond..
i was one of pierce brosnan fan who chose to boycott the film..
kidding aside..
well i thought he looks too old..
no suave expression..
at ang laki tignan ng tyan nya ah..
but since dog told me he wasn’t a fan of daniel either..
but found the movie very good..
i gave it a shot..
and it was impressive!
though daniel is by far the most ruthless sadistic james bond i’ve ever seen..
just as the film review said..
he made the james bond go back to the basics..

Max Payne
Starring Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Beau Bridges, and Chris “Ludacris” Bridges
Kesh’s Rating: 4.10
Worth to watch again: yes. though you might rather not.

Favorite Part: the part when max drank the valkyr and he started to see the valkyries.. cool..

if 99.99% of the viewers disliked this film..
i’m in the 0.01%..
despite all the negative reviews..
i liked it..
ewan ko kung bakit..
maybe because it reminds me of my frustration..
back nung pentium 1 pa pc ko..
gusto ko syang laruin..
pero hindi ko malaro kasi hindi pasok kahit man lang sa minumum requirements pc ko..
pretty classic..
the movie ending really sucks..
no sign of part two..
or they chose to be that vague para maweigh if it still deserves a part two..
oh wait!
meron pala..
hindi ko napanood..
the action was nice but exaggerated at some point..
and yung credits part..
sana nilagay nila sa intro ng film..
it was too nice to be shown sa ending lang..
but still..
i liked this film..
and most likely..
i’m going to watch the part two also..

Kung Fu Panda
Starring Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu, and Jackie Chan (Voices)
Kesh’s Rating: 5
Worth to watch again: yes.

Favorite Part: panda’s mocking part..

another long overdue film review..
watched this film 4 months ago?
yet ngayon ko lang nareview..
better late than later right?
kaya ayoko nanonood ng mga cam-copy pirated films..
kasi pumapangit tingin ko sa movie..
i thought this movie wasn’t that good..
kasi ang labo nung una kong panood..
but few days after i got the chance to watch it with friends..
(dalawa lang pala sila.. thanks pamfs sa libre.. hehe)
and enjoyed it!
this made me promise to myself not to watch poor quality film copies again..

A Very Special Love
Starring John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo
Kesh’s Rating: 4.20
Worth to watch again: yes.

Favorite Part: “where’s my coffee!!!???!!” “ay coffee! sir, coffee?”

if it wasn’t for that uber baduy john lloyd’s “kailan” harana scene..
i would’ve rated this film higher than one more chance’s..
even close to a rating of 5..
or even 5..
i enjoy watching it..
the sundance thing..
the coffee thing..
although office scenes slightly resemble i love betty la fea series..
this one’s better..
yung harana lang talaga ni john lloyd pampasira..
hindi na uso ganung klaseng kantahan sa pelikula..
move on writers!
good film though..

One More Chance
Starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo
Kesh’s Rating: 5
Worth to watch again: yes.

Favorite Part: uhm.. i remember the “sana ako nalang..” scene.. but.. anyway..

i’ve watched this film last year..
and had a movie review done in my previous blog..
deleted blog actually..
but since i’m doing a tagalog movie review now..
and there’s no point talking about deleted stuff..
i’ll review this film again..
i can’t remember the exact figures but i remember giving this movie a rating more than 4..
i liked this movie..
a little matured..
compared to their previous films..
which were mostly pasweet and pakilig pweh!
the story is nice..
not the typical i hate you and things don’t work out i love you then everythings ok..
conflict is nice..
i remember this film gave john lloyd the title of box office king or prince or whatever..
gumagaling sya ha..

The Devil Wears Prada
Starring Meryl Streep, and Anne Hathaway
Kesh’s Rating: 4.05
Worth to watch again: yes.

Favorite Part: when miranda cried.. kind of shows she’s not a devil after all.. hehe

i’ve watched this film long ago..
but forgot to post my review..
dozens of movies are in line for my review..
i’ll do them one by one..
for the mean time..

another anne hathaway movie..
meryl streep did well on her role as the devil here..
sabi nga behind a successful man is a woman..
and behind a successful woman is herself..
and behind success is poop..
i think meryl won many awards here including best actress..
which she actually deserves..

Get Smart
Starring Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, and Dwayne Johnson
Kesh’s Rating: 3.54
Worth to watch again: yes.

Favorite Part: when got promoted as agent 86..
while thinking others can hear him he shouted.. this is the best day of my liiiife!!!!” nakakahiya.. hahaha

a funny movie..
not ridiculously funny but i enjoyed it better than zohan film..
i don’t like the corny ending though..
but liked agent 99’s outfits!
not the one with the high slits..

Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting
Starring Matt Damon, Robin Williams, and Ben Affleck
Kesh’s Rating: 5
Worth to watch again: yes.

Favorite Part: when matt damon cried at robin williams..

another movie candidate for a 5 rating..
even before seeing it..
good movie..
it’s surprising..
si ben affleck at matt damon ang writers..
this movie proves that..
you can’t have everything..
pero ang galing ni matt damon..
sana ganon din ako katalino..
photographic memory..

The Lake House

The Lake House
Starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock
Kesh’s Rating: 5
Worth to watch again: yes.

Favorite Part: when they danced paul mccartney’s song..

even before watching this movie..
it’s already a candidate for a rating of 5..
nakakalito nung una..
i thought someone has his time off..
a lesson from this movie?
when things aren’t working the way they should be..
wag ipilit..
just wait..
otherwise you’ll die..
should’ve been rated around 4.98 if it wasn’t for its soundtrack..

La Vie En Rose

La Vie En Rose
Starring Marion Cotillard, Gérard Depardieu, and Sylvie Testud
Kesh’s Rating: 5
Worth to watch again: yes! yes! yes!

Favorite Part: the morning when edith woke up by marcel’s kiss.. tapos naalala nya me gift pala xa.. then edith looked for her gift to marcel.. tapos nagagalit sya sa mga tao sa paligid nya kasi di xa tinutulungan maghanap.. lol tinitignan lang sya.. then louis said “Be strong Edith” tapos narealize nya.. patay na pala si marcel..

ang lesson sa movie na ito ay..
be a liver lover with liveraide..
this film was never shown here in PH..
naintriga lang ako nung nanalo si marion cotillard ng best actress sa academy awards..
a very heartbreaking movie..
especially sa part na miss na miss na nya si marcel..
tapos pinilit nya puntahan sya..
tapos natulog xa ng masaya kasi alam nya paggising nya anjan na si marcel..
parang kukwento ko na..
hands down! hands down!
Hands Down Smiley
Hands Down Smiley Hands Down Smiley
you can almost live the life of edith piaf in this movie..
what else can i say?
ang galing!

Wall E

Starring Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight, and Sigourney Weaver (voices)
Kesh’s Rating: 5
Worth to watch again: yes! yes! yes!

Favorite Part: inside the axiom’s waste disposal facility where eve, thinking of giving up
the directive and just wanted to save wall.e, threw the plant away tapos “dying” wall.e picked it up saying “directive”.. awwwww.. hehe

another brilliant animated movie directed by andrew stanton..
if there is one character in this movie that best reflects my personality..
it would be MO..
the obsessive compulsive cleaner robot..
“foreign contamination!”
this should’ve been rated less than 5..
if it wasn’t for the twist before the end..
when wall.e temporarily lost his memory..
ang bagal magread ng memory.. LOL
it’s a good twist..
eve looked like a robotic ipod..
remember the scene where wall.e played an ipod?
a way of advertising perhaps..
i don’t think though na posibleng maging ganun nalang yung humans..
doing the same thing over and over again..
good movie though..
siguro influenced by the idea of the matrix or animatrix or i, robot..
intellectual machines, one day, will rule humans..
ang tatag ni wall.e..
the only robot that remained functional after seven hundred years of operation..
things to forget:
WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class)
EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator)
M-O (Microbe Obliterator)

Big Stan

Big Stan
Starring Rob Schneider, David Carradine, and Jennifer Morrison
Kesh’s Rating: 3.20
Worth to watch again: onte

Favorite Part:
the broken finger part

i liked this movie better than you don’t mess with the zohan..
nanibago ko ke cameron (jennifer morrison)..
sa house na tv series kasi matalino xa..
tapos dito..
parang dumb blonde role nya..

My Sassy Girl (Korean) My Sassy Girl (English)

My Sassy Girl
Starring Jun Ji-hyun and Cha Tae-hyun (Korean) | Elisha Cuthbert and Jesse Bradford (English)
Kesh’s Rating: 5 (Korean), 4.95 (English)
Worth to watch again: yes yes yes

Favorite Part: restaurant part when sassy girl was dating another guy and invited gyeon-woo/charlie tapos .. well you probably know the story.. hehehe

these movies are two of my top watched films..
and you can’t help but to compare them..
at first hindi magaling yung pag-act ni english sassy girl compared to the original..
the drunk acting..
and the screenplay, i think, was better sa korean version..
but in the end.. they are both nice in their own ways..
nakakaiyak letter ni charlie sa english version..
between romantic and delusional.. how will you know if you cross the line?
i want to watch the korean version again..
for the nth time..

The Love Guru

The Love Guru
Starring Mike Myers, Jessica Alba, and Justine Timberlake
Kesh’s Rating: 3.01
Worth to watch again: not so..

Favorite Part: the book titles were nice.. stop hitting yourself..
stop hitting yourself.. why are you still hitting yourself..

marisja hargate!
i like some words of guru pitka..
o.a. lang xa..

You Don't Mess With The Zohan

You Don’t Mess With The Zohan
Starring Adam Sandler, Michael Buffer, and Rob Schneider
Kesh’s Rating: 3.08
Worth to watch again: no

Favorite Part: scenes na suot ni zohan ang mga mariah carey shirts.. look at the promotional poster above.. suot nya yung rainbow album cover shirt.. hehe

it’s israelites vs palestinians..
ang korni..
too focused on zohan’s *something*..
and the mariah scenes..
she said: “hello little h*rny man.. buy my new album!”
tama ba yun..
pero ok lang..
not for kids too..
nakakatawa yung “electronics shop” scene..
“once you enter the electronic shop business..
you can never get out..
electronics shop is a dream killer!”
naalala ko sila kuya sa alexan at deeco sa may raon..

The Hottie and The Nottie

The Hottie and The Nottie
Starring Paris Hilton, Joel David Moore, and Christine Lakin
Kesh’s Rating: 3.34
Worth to watch again: ok lang

Favorite Part: kuko scenes ni nottie.. haha

nakakatawa naman sya..
kaso iisa lang expression/reaction ni paris..
lahat nangaakit..
the part where nottie became instantly beautiful..
hindi ko masyado nagustuhan..
bigla nalang nawala yung allergies or skin abnormalities nya!

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight
Starring Heath Ledger and Christian Bale
Kesh’s Rating: 5
Worth to watch again: yes

Favorite Part: when Joker went outside the Gotham General Hospital.. wearing a nurse uniform and looking disappointed.. kulang pa pala yung sumasabog..

if it wasn’t for Joker’s superb performance..
i wouldn’t rate this 5/5..
hindi ko ganun kagusto si batman..
hindi na xa gwapo pag nakasuot ng mask..
unlike george clooney..
but the film was really good..
imagine heath ledger had to live alone in a hotel..
para lang mainternalize ang role ni Joker..
which he had done successfully..
too bad though wala na sya sa part 3..
but i guess i’ll watch this movie again..

Across the Universe

Across the Universe
Starring Jim Sturgess and Evan Rachel Wood
Kesh’s Rating: 5
Worth to watch again: yes

Favorite Part: sa Let It Be part.. nakakaawa yung bata.. >_<”

this is a musical film..
featuring the songs of the beatles..
songer pala si 21..


Starring Jim Sturgess, Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth
Kesh’s Rating: 4.12
Worth to watch again: yes

Favorite Part: the counting part.. i think.. hmmm

cool concept..
use math..
in everyday life..
sana kaya ko din apply sa buhay ko..
ang mga nalalaman ko hinggil sa math..


Starring Will Smith and Charlize Theron
Kesh’s Rating: 4.10
Worth to watch again: yes

Favorite Part: When Will Smith hit Charlize Theron.. parang hindi babae si charlize.. haha

good movie..
nice concept..
mejo korni..
pero ok narin..


Starring James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, and Angelina Jolie
Kesh’s Rating: 5
Worth to watch again: yes

Favorite Part: When Angelina stepped back to get hit by the bullet she fired to kill the rest of the assassins.

nice nice movie..
made me want to be an assassin..
and started joining the fraternity of assassins..
i liked angelina’s role..

The Forbidden Kingdom

The Forbidden Kingdom
Starring Jackie Chan and Jet Li
Kesh’s Rating: 3.05
Worth to watch again: ok lang…
Favorite Part: When Jet Li peed on Jackie Chan.. hahaha

this movie..
is a little dissapointing..
at least for me..
or masyado lang ako nagexpect..
dahil nagsama si jackie chan at jet li..
so there..
so-so movie..

Basic Instinct 1 Basic Instinct 2
Basic Instinct and Basic Instinct 2
Starring Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas (part 1 only)
Kesh’s Rating: 4.98
Worth to watch again: yes

i didn’t have the chance to watch this film before..
kasi rated 18 ata sya at baby pa me nun..
but now..
napanod ko na..
old me.. pfbt!
sharon stone’s character was so nice!
that’s magna cum laude for u!
we like the twist of the story..
both 1 and 2..
still not recommended for kids..
violent xa at mejo bastos..
actually bastos talaga sya..

Iron Man
Iron Man
Starring Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard and Gwyneth Paltrow
Kesh’s Rating: 5
Worth to watch again: yes

i’m not a fan of iron man..
but when i watched the film..
nice yung keyboard nya..
i want one..
ganda ng bahay nya..
i want one too!
has nice effects also..
parang mala transformers yung pagsuot nya ng iron man..
sagwa lang pag hinuhubad na nya..
ang galing din umarte ni robert downey jr..
i remember him in the movie only you..
good film too..
we’ll be waiting for the part 2!

Speed Racer
Speed Racer
Starring Emile Hirsch and Christina Ricci
Kesh’s Rating: 2.24
Worth to watch again: no

the effects were good..
pero yung storyline..
i’ve watched the trailer..
it looked nice..
so i decided to watch it..
pero wala pa sa kalagitnaan..
boring na..
sana when love begins nalang pinanod ko..
maganda ba un?

Starring Stephen Chow and Xu Jiao
Kesh’s Rating: 5
Worth to watch again: yes

si dicky sa movie..
ay babae pala in real life..
pero nakakaiyak yung film..
that’s why it’s rated 5!
ang cute ni CJ7!
i want plush one!

Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!
Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who!
Starring Jim Carrey and Steve Carell (voices)
Kesh’s Rating: 4.21
Worth to watch again: ok lang

good cartoon movie..
saw the pop-up book in powerbooks..
epal yung mommy kangaroo..

Vantage Point
Vantage Point
Kesh’s Rating: 5
Starring Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, Forest Whitaker
Worth to watch again: yes.

this movie..
is one of those movies that has unique storyline..
vantage point nga..
galing ng americans..
magaling din yung terrorist..
parang kulang lang sa manpower..
ok na sana..

Wedding Daze
Starring Jason Biggs and Isla Fisher
Kesh’s Rating: 2.20
Worth to watch again: not so

this movie..
so so..
yun lang..

27 Dresses
27 Dresses
Starring Katherine Heigl and James Marsden
Kesh’s Rating: 3
Worth to watch again: ok lang

another so so movie..
maganda yung preview ng film..
but i don’t like the story..
mejo ordinary..


5 responses to “movie reviews

  1. aeyjhay says:

    gnun? buti nalng ndi ko pinanood ung for the first time. wahehehe =) c KC kc pang-posing at pangsayaw lang. ang other talent nia like hosting, acting and singing so, so lang… pero aus lang. magnda parin xa tlga. ehhehe

  2. kesh says:

    tingin ko nadadaan yan sa workshop at practice..

  3. aeyjhay says:

    yeah… =) basta. crush ko prin xa. hehe nkita mo ba dance number nia dun sa bday ng mama nia? nagsayaw xa in the tune of disturbia. ampf. Bravo!

  4. kesh says:

    hindi eh.

  5. mums says:

    ganda ng mga film na pinanood mo! =)

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