kesh decides to die


went to lamesa grill..
last friday..
with friends..
at mall of asia..
right outside..
while we were eating..
was launching of michael jackson’s another compilation album..
king of pop..
sponsored by magic 89.9..
sabi kila sharon cuneta daw lamesa grill..
how true?
ang sarap ng blue marlin!
dko napicture-an yung pinatayong manok..
kasi kinuha nila kuya..
pagbalik nakahiga na..
what’s the point..

Lamesa Grill

blue marlin..
yum yum!
Blue Marlin

gulay and hifon..
so so..
di ako fan ng gulay..
Gulay and Hifon

plain rice..
so plain..
Plen Rice

ang kare-kare..
parang mas masarap kare-kare ng dencio’s..
Lamesa Grill

ilaw ng kinainan namin..
Lights Please


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